John Gaitenby

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    I hope you enjoy looking at my paintings. I have more at my studio and in galleries.
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I am a contemporary realist painter, utilizing acrylics, oils, and oil sticks to produce paintings of scenes that I've connected with. I am continually evolving my process and style, facing the challenge of new subject matter and striving to render it in an evocative manner.

Art musings:

As you browse through the website you will see that I'm continuing to create paintings incorporating barn imagery as well as other architecture. I'm also exploring a new presentation method on panel. In all of these paintings I strive to incorporate the light play and color impressions.
"Summer Orchard"  30x40  Acrylic  SOLD
Represented by:
  • The Mahler Fine Art Gallery - Raleigh, NC
  • City Art Gallery - Greenville, NC

"Home on the Range" 36x48  Acrylic and oil stick on canvas  SOLD

"At the bus stop" Acrylic 24x28  SOLD
"Provincetown View" 14x18 oil  SOLD