John Gaitenby

All things Ocean and Beach oriented
"Cape Dunes"   20x46   Acrylic
"Beach Afternoon"  30x40  Acrylic and oil stick  
"Three Boats at Dock"   24x30   Oil stick
"NC Beach"   30x40   Acrylic and oil stick  SOLD
"Beach House I"  30x40  Acrylic on canvas
"Sunset Boat"  9x12   Oil Stick​
"Idle Beach House"  8x10  Acrylic
"Beach House and Path" 11x14  Acrylic SOLD
"Beach House with Fence"  8x10 Acrylic  SOLD
"House by the Sea"   11x14 Acrylic
"The First House"  11x14  Acrylic  SOLD

"Beach Walkway"  16x20   Acrylic

"Beach Outbuilding"  16x20   Acrylic and Oil Stick  SOLD

"Beach House Shadow"  11x14   Acrylic  SOLD

"Two Beach Houses"  8x10  Oil 
"Pastel Beach Colors"   16x20  Acrylic