John Gaitenby

Gallery of Landscapes
"Hillside View"   48x60    Acrylic    SOLD
"Barns with Sun"  48x60   Acrylic and Oil Stick SOLD
"Blue and Gold Barns"   30x40  Acrylic and oil stick   SOLD
"Outstanding in the Field"  30x40  Acrylic  SOLD
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Gallery of Barns
"Three Aspen"  30x40  Acrylic  SOLD
"Caught Sun"    48x60   Acrylic and oil stick
"Harpa"   30x40  Acrylic on panel  
"View to the South"  16x30   Acrylic on canvas on panel  SOLD
"Late Summer Barns"  22x28 
"Autumn Aspens, Diptych" 48x48  Acrylic on canvas   SOLD

"Baccy Barns"   48x60   Acrylic and oil stick    SOLD 
"Barns with Orange Sunset"   22x28   Acrylic and oil stick   SOLD
"Autumn Aspens"  24x36  Acrylic and Oil Stick  SOLD
"Roman Relic"  36x36   Acrylic ​ 
"Blue Barns in Sun"   30x48  Acrylic and oil stick